Grandmaster Abscon needs you!

Would you like to support Art Abscon in bringing his forthcoming album, ‘Nach allen Regeln der Kunst’, to the light of day? If so, you can preorder it already now to support its production and pressing. The release is scheduled for late 2020 / early 2021. If you preorder it now, you will receive your vinyl or your CD as soon as it will be hot from the press as well as a couple of digital gifts during production, such as demos, outtakes, mini albums, etc.

Your support will be very much appreciated since it will help me plan the number of copies to be pressed and finance the production and pressing. Otherwise, this endeavour might be quite risky since this will be Opus Abscondi’s very first vinyl release. A vinyl release is very expensive, and it would be impossible for me to tell how many copies I need to press. This is why your preorder will support me and the Grandmaster a lot!

If I should – for whatever reason – not manage to finish the album, I will, of course, refund you the money you have paid for your preorder. However, I am positive that Grandmaster Abscon will prevent such a disaster and spare me the embarrassment.

In Abscondinium


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