‘A Gift of Nothing’ – a free download album by ART ABSCONs

A Gift of Nothing groß

During the recent lockdown, I had recorded a few instrumental pieces – without actually knowing what to do with them. On 7 June, I had the idea to use this material for an ART ABSCONs mini album I could give away as a free gift to you. I only needed to write the lyrics. So I sat down and wrote them down in less than an hour in an automatic writing session. Then, I recorded the vocals in only one take, which also took less than an hour. Then, I mixed all tracks in less than an hour with the result that I had finished the entire album in just four hours. This album is not perfect, but I am fond of it. It was not supposed to be perfect. It was supposed to be special. It was supposed to be a small gift to you. A Gift of Nothing.

I have uploaded it at bandcamp. You do not need to feel guilty if you type in ‘$0.00’ because this album is a gift to you from Grandmaster Abscon. If you feel nonetheless inclinded to donate a bit of money for this mini album, Michael will use this money, too, for the production of my, Art Abscon’s, next proper album, ‘Nach allen Regeln der Kunst’. I hope you will enjoy this little Gift of Nothing!

In a couple of days, it will be available via your favourite streaming service as well!

In Abscondinium


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