AA’s new album “Nach allen Regeln der Kunst” available as vinyl, CD and via bandcamp

Dear Whoever,

Art Abscon’s latest album “Nach allen Regeln der Kunst” has been out for quite a bit now, i.e since June 2021, but Michael has been rather lazy recently and has failed to properly promote it. He will be punished for it, no worries.

Nonetheless, we have just decided to upload the album to bandcamp, so that you can also enjoy the album in case you do not need a vinyl record or a compact disc, or, if you would like to have a listen before purchasing a physical version.

This album marked in fact the very first vinyl release of Art Abscon’s own label, Opus Abscondi – a reason to be very proud, especially because the record really looks and sounds great (the CD, too), but also a rather disastrous financial undertaking – despite the many generous and kind supporters who had preordered the album way back in 2020. Again, thank you, from the depths of Art’s and Michael’s heart.

The album holds a very special secret. Art has decided that Michael may not give it away. But, we will give you a hint anyway: Take any instrument at your disposal, try to play along and see what happens. This secret was the result of two years of research and preparation.

Feel free to have a look at the video section of this website; there are three new videos to promote the album, among them an ambitious stop motion endeavour featuring Grandmaster Abscon as a little manikin.


Love & Lightning


P.S.: If you would like to see Art Abscon live, feel free to pop in here from time to time. I have a few plans and arrangements for live shows in 2022. Check the Live section.

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