“The Separate Republic” is out and available at Opus Abscondi!

Dear Whoever,

After more than five years of work and endless waiting, my sixth official ART ABSCONs album, “The Separate Republic”, is finally out! It is now available at Opus Abscondi as a regular CD version and a double vinyl version that includes the legendary “The Lost Tape” material. I have just listened to the vinyl and am thoroughly impressed with Nathaniel Ritter’s exquisite audio mastering. This is definitely the best-sounding AAs vinyl ever! Additional thanks go out to Misty Bywater for the thrillingly psychedelic vinyl label and CD art design, for hours and hours of meticulous toil using a magnifying glass. Last but not least, I extend my gratitude to Fronte Nordico for another beautiful release and a limited wooden box set including a t-shirt that is available through frontenordico@gmail.com.

Be thrice blessed in the Name of Beauty


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