First of May 2017 – ART ABSCONs’ 10th Anniversary

Dear Whoever,

Today is the eve of my music project ART ABSCONs’ tenth anniversary. I found Art Abscon’s mask by the river Rhine on the 1st of May 2007 and slipped for the very first time into the role of the Grandmaster. Tonight, I will also celebrate something that is even more important to me: This spring will finally see the release of my new album, “The Separate Republic“, through Fronte Nordico. It will initially be released as a double vinyl album, strictly limited to 200 copies, which will feature a very special bonus: the legendary “The Lost Tape” material. These pieces are outtakes from my debut album “Am Himmel mit Feuer” (2010). They are recordings which were made in 2007 and include the very first song I ever recorded for ART ABSCONs, “Unter mein Dach”. Thus, this anniversary release forms a perfect circle between the old and the new.

The double vinyl will be released in midJuly and available at Opus Abscondi. The CD version of “The Separate Republic” will follow in a few months, but it will not feature “The Lost Tape”.

I would also like to use this opportunity to present this new website which I will regularly update with information about Grandmaster Abscon’s activities. It features a comprehensive ART ABSCONs biography that I will update on a regular basis as well as a full discography that includes all ART ABSCONs’ song lyrics along with their newly revised English translations.

Be thrice blessed in the Name of Beauty


2 thoughts on “First of May 2017 – ART ABSCONs’ 10th Anniversary

    1. Thank you so much Wicka Mahn! I look forward to this album as well. I am very proud of this work. I owe you a proper message and tracks from “The Lost Tape”!
      All the best, Mo Charaid!


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