The Book of the Law

Meanings and beginnings
In holy places
Speak secret words
Like thunder and lightning
My spirit enlightens
The naught of the night

But I see my law broken
Translated and rephrased
Its book is profaned
And dictated by liars
Studied and taught
An accursed tool
To rule the rabble

The ancient law
Is there is no law
The law is now what we do
Since our will is the only will
Resting in equilibrium:
It is a love
Making all one
Dissolving all conflicts
In one spot of light

The book becomes three
And a fourth one at last
It is a book born of fire
And a beam of its light
Shining out of the chalice
Turns into a wand
Tranforming the sky
A thought on the wind
Of the virtuous child
Is the sword to sever
All good from all evil
Harken the stone
Everything will be
As above so below