À mon seul désir, pt. 1

It is in our love of impossible things
Of pictures that sound like souls
We do not love but admire ourselves
Like the unicorn worshipping its pale mirror image
Look! Our beauty in flesh and in spirit!
The magic of illusion is but a reflection
From the darker side of the sphere of existence
Mais n’étant pas un louis d’or
Il ne se peut que tous nous adorent
The fruits of our vanity
Consumed by indifference
Relâche les chiens du souterrain
The trial is fair and beautiful
For under the bell in this garden of tortures
All falsehood and ignorance are forever redeemed

Your love of the absolute and its lost symbols
Of the devil’s own work and immaculate goodness
Is in the bullet of your suicide gun
Don’t leave a trace or they will smash you to bits
Their disdain is boundless, they won’t understand
Civilisation or barbary, they really don’t care
And on this lake where all swans do slumber
You are the stone that shatters the silence
For you witness things that no-one can see
You break the false mirror and don’t look inside
For you will create the end of the world
A mon seul désir, in shades of red
Everything’s here, all and forever